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Opinel mushroom knife: special pocket knives from the French Alps

The Opinel mushroom knife with brush is perfect for everyone who likes to go out foraging mushrooms. The hawk-bill blade is ideal for getting underneath the cap of the mushroom. This allows you to pick the mushroom with surgical precision. Use the brush to remove any dirt and spores.

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Features of Opinel mushroom foraging knives

Opinel's mushroom knives are practical, as they can fold up like a regular Opinel knife. That's because these foraging knives were based on the famous Opinel No. 08 pocket knife. Like the No. 08, the mushroom knife also features the Virobloc mechanism. This prevents the knife from snapping shut or open on accident.

Opinel mushroom knife with sheath

Some Opinel mushroom knives come with a leather sheath. You can attach it to your belt, keeping your trouser pockets clean. A nice detail is that the mushroom knife comes in a nice gift box. The mushroom knife would make for a great gift for anyone foraging for their own meals in autumn.

Sharpening an Opinel mushroom foraging knife

Sharpening a hawk-bill-shaped blade can seem difficult. After all, it's not possible to use a flat sharpening stone. There are some ways to do it, however. We recommend using a diamond-coated sharpening steel or a ceramic sharpening steel. Take your time finding the right sharpening angle and you'll be good to go.