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Slipjoints! The biggest selection of slipjoint pocket knives

Slipjoint pocket knives are amongst the oldest designs in the world. For over hundred years pocket knives without a real lock are produced worldwide. A slipjoint lock means there is only some resistance to prevent a knife from closing. Not a complete lock. Everyone has heard of the Victorinox Swiss pocket knives, perfect examples of slipjoint pocket knives.

Slipjoints: from traditionals to hyper modern

While slipjoints mainly comes from the tradition of traditional pocket knives, there are also many slipjoints that are very contemporary. High-tech materials such as titanium and the newest types of powdered steel, combined with futuristic designs. Fortunately there also companies such as Case Knives that continue to produce classic slipjoints. These Traditionals sometimes have designs that have been produced ever since the 19th century. A real piece of history. A knife with a story.

Revival of the slipjoint

Because of strict knife laws the slipjoint is becoming more and more popular. After all, for most use you don't really need a lock. If carrying a slipjoint means that in some countries you can carry a knife for apples and boxes this type of knife is the perfect solution. Slipjoints are available as a one or two-handed opener. There is a perfect slipjoint for every situation and occasion.