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Functional everyday carry knives, ideal knives for everyday in your pocket

EDC stands for: 'Every Day Carry' knives. As the name indicates the pocket knives in this category are very practical and functional knives. The size of these knives is reduced which makes them easy to carry. But they are still large enough for full use in the most diverse tasks. The price of the functional everyday knives is usually not too high. And as you are used from we only sell super quality knives.


The material of the EDC knives

Because these pocket knives are used daily, we chose quality materials while considering the price. Handles are for example made of Zytel or G10: extremely durable materials without making the knives too expensive. The used steel types can vary. In general, not too unusual steel types will be used. A good compromise between toughness, brittleness, corrosion resistance and price is a must. Obviously there is some overlap between the various knife categories. What is a perfect knife for daily use to one person, is a much too large pocket knife to another.

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 Order with Engraving

Order with Engraving

 Eden Knife, model 106

High quality pocket knife. Blade length 2.8”. Provided with pocket clip

 Eden Knife, model 106, black

High quality pocket knife. Blade length 2.8”. Provided with pocket clip

 Spyderco C122GP Tenacious, plain edge

Handle/blade: Stainless steel liners with G10/8Cr13MoV
Blade length: 8.5 cm
Weight: 117 g

 Spyderco Manix 2 G-10, plain blade

Pocket knife with an ultra-strong locking mechanism. This is known as the Ball Bearing Lock and it features a free-floating ball bearing encased in a plastic ‘cage’.

 Spyderco C158TIP Techno

Handle/blade: Titanium/CTS-XHP
Blade length: 65mm
Weight: 100 grams

 Spyderco C94PBK UK Pocket Knife

Handle/blade: FRN/CTS BD1
Blade length: 7.4 cm
Weight: 48 grams

 Spyderco C148GP Ambitious

Handle/blade: G10/8CR13MoV
Blade length: 5.7 cm
Weight: 85 g

 Zero Tolerance 0770CF, carbon

Greep/lemmet: carbon/S35VN Lemmetlengte: 8,3 cm Gewicht: 85 cm

 Spyderco C152CF Chaparral

Handle/blade: Carbon-G10 laminate/CTS-XHP Blade length: 6.0 cm Weight: 70 grams

 Spyderco C154BK Squeak

Handle/Blade: FRN/N690Co
Blade length: 4.5 cm
Weight: 46 grams

 Spyderco C156GPBN Brad Southard Flipper

Blade length: 8.8 cm
Weight: 116 grams
CTS-204 p blade, Titanium/G-10 handle

 Spyderco MBKP Manbug

Blade length: 4.4 cm
Weight: 19 grams

 Fällkniven FH9

Handle material /blade: Maroon Micarta/3G
Blade length: 6.7 cm

 Fallkniven FH9 Black Hawk

Handle material/steel: Micarta/laminated CoS
Blade length: 6.7 cm

 Eden pocket knife, model 107

Handle/blade: plastic/8Cr14MoV
Blade length: 5.6 cm

 Fallkniven U1 Slipjoint folding knife, 3G blade, cocobolo handle

Small folding knife from Fällkniven. The U1 does not have a blade lock. This means that, in many countries, it is considered to be a pocket knife, and is therefore allowed to be carried in public places.

 Opinel No. 08 pocket knife, carbon steel, blade length 8,5 cm

The Opinel pocket knife with wooden handle. Manufactured in 1890 by Joseph Opinel, this handy knife was originally designed for use by local farmers. The Opinel pocket knife is a renowned, yet really affordable pocket knife, ideal for everyday use.

 Spyderco C11PBK Delica 4, plain edge

Lightweight all-round folder.
Handle / blade: Zytel & VG10.
Blade length: 3 inch.

 Fallkniven U2 Folder

Lightweight gent's folder with a powder steel blade.

 Buck Folding Hunter, 110

The number 1 folding knife from Buck.

 Buck - Alpha Hunter

Large heavy-duty hunting folder.

 Buck - 327 Nobleman Ti

Sturdy gent's folder. Handle/Blade: Stainless Steel & 440A.(Titanium coated) Blade length: 2 5/8 inch.

 Eden knife, model 100

High quality pocket knife. Blade length 2.7 ". Provided with pocket clip

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