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Robert Welch, optimal ergonomics and balance

Robert Welch is a knife brand that bears the name of its founder proudly. This company now has over half a century of experience, and the Welch family still runs it. The kitchen knives by Robert Welch combine the extreme sharpness of Japanese knives with a choice of material which is more common in the German tradition.

Balance and ergonomics are extremely important for good cutting comfort. Therefore, this receives an enormous amount of attention. Each knife is designed completely independently. So no basic handle for an entire series, but an ideal design for each individual model. The many awards that Robert Welch has won with his designs prove that this approach is successful.

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The jeweller became knife maker

Robert Welch started his career as a goldsmith and was later specialized in stainless steel. The precision engineering quality of the Goldsmith is still seen in his knives, which are well thought out to the smallest detail. Very soon, Robert Welch started to gather people arround him with complimentary qualities and talents. The reason that he became a great name in the world of kitchen knives, is that he believed in small teams and short communication lines, without accepting any reason to compromise quality. Even though the company is growing, they stick to constant monitoring of the quality. All knives are checked and must meet the stringent requirements. No knife can leave the premises without approval of it's state of perfection. It's for good reasont that the Robert Welch knives belong to the top 3% in terms of sharpness and keeping its edge.

Also that which is not seen, needs to be excellent.

there are many details that remain out of sight with a kitchen knife. At Robert Welch, also these details are always perfected. So no welding if this creates a risk of breakage or rust. Even though this could significantly decrease the productions costs. A Robert Welch kitchen knife looks amazing when out of the box but no less after years of intensive use.

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 Robert Welch Signature knife set, 2097V8

Knife set by Robert Welch from the Signature Series. Consists of 7 knives, a knife sharpener and a knife block.

 Robert Welch Signature carving knife, 2012V

Blade length: 20.0 cm
Overall length: 33.5 cm
Weight: 170 grams

 Robert Welch Signature bread knife, 2001V

Blade length: 21.5 cm
Overall length: 34.2 cm
Weight: 178 grams

 Robert Welch Signature utility knife, 2051V

Blade length: 12.0 cm
Overall length: 22.8 cm
Weight: 105 grams

 Robert Welch Signature serrated utility knife, 2090V

Blade length: 12.0 cm
Overall length: 22.8 cm
Weight: 105 grams

 Robert Welch Signature tomato knife, 2086V

Blade length: 14.0 cm
Overall length: 25.0 cm
Weight: 105 grams

 Robert Welch Signature Honing steel, 2081V

Length rough part: 20.5 cm
Overall length: 35.3 cm
Weight: 275 grams

 Robert Welch Signature santoku, 2069V

Blade length: 17.0 cm
Overall length: 30.2 cm
Weight: 195 grams

 Robert Welch Signature peeling knife, 2094V

Blade length: 7.7 cm
Overall length: 17.7 cm
Weight: 55 grams

 Robert Welch Signature chef's knife, 2033V

Blade length: 16.0 cm Overall length: 28.7 cm Weight: 180 grams

 Robert Welch Signature chef's knife, 2035V

Blade length: 20.0 cm
Overall length: 32.5 cm
Weight: 200 grams

 Robert Welch Signature chef's knife, 2036V

Blade length: 25.0 cm
Overall length: 38.4 cm
Weight: 270 grams

 Robert Welch Signature V knife set 2-pc, 2089V/2

Knife set with a 16cm chef's knife and 10cm office knife

 Robert Welch Signature V in-drawer organizer, 2125V

In-drawer organizer made of bamboo for at least 13 knives.

 Robert Welch Signature chef's knife, 2034V

Blade length: 17.7 cm Overall length: 30.3 cm Weight: 190 grams

 Robert Welch Signature V steak knife set 2-pc

Robert Welch knife set from the signature series. Consists out of 2 steak knives.

 Robert Welch Signature V steak knife set 4-pc

Robert Welch knife set from the signature series. Consists out of 4 steak knives.

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