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Pocket knives & multitools

Pocket knives from €200 to €500

The pocket knives from €200 to €500 are a broad collection of popular models. Here you will find all premium pocket knives enhanced with excellent types of steel, exclusive handle materials and excellent finishes. From high-tech knives from China to tough Americans and handmade French winners. Excellent knives. For collectors and people who really use their knives.

Not only meant to look good

These valuable pocket knives are not all meant to be stored in your showcase. Many of them are perfect for heavy-duty use. Precisely because their constructions are rock-solid and a lot of attention was paid to the finish and fine-tuning of the lock. But there are also show knives that will be the highlight of your collection.


What determines the price of a pocket knife?

Pocket knives come in all shapes, sizes and price ranges. Whether you store your knife in a display case, caravan, toolbox or carry it with you every day: for every purpose you will be able to find a pocket knife. When you start looking for a suitable pocket knife you will find knives which will only cost you a little, but also knives that will take you back 300 pounds or even twice as much.