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Pocket Knives & Multitools

Olamic Cutlery knives: never the same!

Olamic Cutlery

Olamic Cutlery makes unique pocket knives. Literally. It is difficult to find two exactly the same Olamic Cutlery knives. After all, each knife is individually assembled from a massive amount of options.

To do the math: you can configure the Olamic Busker in more than 2.3 million different ways because of all the different options when it comes to colour and finishes!

Olamic Cutlery delivered from stock

Because of the enormous amount of different options no Olamic pocket knife on our website will be the same. If a knife is listed as ‘in stock’ this knife can immediately be shipped.

Olamic Cutlery: custom mid-techs, with a touch of production

Olamic Cutlery is looking for the interesting combination between custom, mid-tech and production. Olamic uses parts that are milled in Italy and subsequently finishes each knife by hand. This is also why there are so many (subtle) differences in price between the different finishes on the same model. And because everything is done by hand each individual finish also comes with a price.

Family company from California

Olamic Cutlery is a real Californian family company. Father and son run the business and involve the entire family while doing so. Originally they started out by making top-quality custom knives, but gradually Olamic made the transition towards the more affordable mid-techs. However, ‘customizing’ is still in their blood which is why Olamic turns each Mid-tech knife into something unique.