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Japanese knives, if you really want to cut it sharp

Chefs who buy Japanese kitchen knives are looking for the sharpest types of knives. A Japanese kitchen knife is truly different from a European chef's knife. Japanese knives are sharper and usually have a thinner blade. They obtain their sharpness by using hard types of steel and the smaller cutting angle. (15 degrees vs 20 degrees for a European knife)

The Japanese knives thus have sublime cutting features. But the knives are more fragile and must be carefully maintained. The hard steel of a Japanese kitchen knife may not be sharpened with a sharpening steel. But a ceramic sharpening rod may be used. The best result is obtained on a Japanese whetstone by Naniwa for example.

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Santoku and Nakiri is a specialist in Japanese knives. If you plan on buying a Japanese kitchen knife, look at the splendid knives by Global, Sakai Takayuki, Kai Shun, Tojiro or Eden. In addition to chef's knives there are Santoku and Nakiri knives. A Santoku knife is shorter and has a right cutting edge. As Santoku knives are less round, you cut with shorter movements. A Nakiri knife is broader and straight and specially designed for cutting vegetables. Nakiri knives are thin and sharp and therefore can cut the prettiest creations. The Nakiri is therefore very popular with Japanese chefs.

Japanese knife design

In many cases Japanese kitchen knives not only are fantastic to work with, but also look beautiful. Made with love and expertise of very high quality materials. Sometimes decorated with beautiful damask and exquisite wood species. Look after your Japanese knives with love! And make sure you don't buy ceramic Japanese knives.

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 Wusthof 9753 Classic Yanagiba + bamboo protector

Blade length: 22.5 cm
Overall length: 34.7 cm
Weight: 200 grams

 Sakai Takayuki paring knife 15 cm, 07391

Blade length: 15.0 cm
Overall length: 25.4 cm
Weight: 90 grams

 Sakai Takayuki santoku knife 18 cm, 07392

Blade length: 17.8 cm
Overall length: 31.8 cm
Weight: 180 grams

 Sakai Takayuki nakiri 17 cm, 07393

Blade length: 17.0 cm
Overall length: 30.1 cm
Weight: 190 grams

 Güde Alpha granton santoku, 1546/18

Blade length: 17.6 cm
Overall length: 30.5 cm
Weight: 210 grams

 Kai Shun Pro Sho Deba, VG-0001

Blade length: 10.5 cm
Total length: 21.6 cm
Weight: 85 grams

 Kai Shun Pro Sho Deba, VG-0002

Blade length: 16.8 cm
Total length: 30.4 cm
Weight: 295 grams

 Kai Shun Pro Sho Deba, VG-0003

Blade length: 21.0 cm
Total length: 34.8 cm
Weight: 250 grams

 Kai Shun Pro Sho Yanagiba, VG-0004

Blade length: 21.2 cm
Total length: 34.4 cm
Weight: 175 grams

 Kai Shun Pro Sho Yanagiba, VG-0005

Blade length: 24.3 cm
Total length: 37.6 cm
Weight: 185 grams

 Kai Shun Pro Sho Yanagiba, VG-0006

Blade length: 27.0 cm
Total length: 40.3 cm
Weight: 200 grams

 Kai Shun Pro Sho Usuba, VG-0007

Blade length: 17.0 cm
Total length: 31.1 cm
Weight: 220 grams

 Sakai Takayuki 45-Layer Damascus chef's knife 18 cm

Blade length:18.7 cm
Overall length: 33.1 cm
Weight: 113 grams

 Sakai Takayuki 45-Layer Damascus chef's knife 21 cm

Blade length: 21.7 cm
Overall length: 36.4 cm
Weight: 141 grams

 Sakai Takayuki 45-Layer Damascus chef's knife 24 cm

Blade length: 24.7 cm
Overall length: 39.9 cm
Weight: 162 grams

 Sakai Takayuki 45-Layer Damascus carving knife 24 cm

Blade length: 24.7 cm
Overall length: 36.9 cm
Weight: 131 grams

 Sakai Takayuki 45-Layer Damascus santoku knife 18 cm

Blade length: 18.6 cm
Overall length: 33.0 cm
Weight: 125 grams

 Sakai Takayuki 45-Layer Damascus nakiri 16 cm

Blade length: 16.2 cm
Overall length: 31.2 cm
Weight: 138 grams

 Sakai Takayuki 45-Layer Damascus paring knife 15 cm

Blade length: 15.5 cm
Overall length: 28.6 cm
Weight: 70 grams

 Güde Alpha Olive santoku, X746/18

Blade length: 17.6 cm
Overall length: 30.5 cm
Weight: 190 grams

 Güde Alpha Olive santoku with granton edge, X546/18

Blade length: 17.6 cm
Overall length: 30.5 cm
Weight: 190 grams

 Wüsthof Classic Nakiri with dents 17 cm, 4193,

Blade length: 16.0 cm
Total length: 28.8 cm
Weight: 180 grams

 Zwilling 34373-241 Miyabi 5000MCD, Gyutoh

Blade length: 23 cm
Total length: 37.3 cm
Weight: 195 g

 Zwilling 34378-241 Miyabi 5000MCD, Sujihiki

Blade length: 23.5 cm
Total length: 37.3 cm
Weight: 168 grams

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