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Scandinavian knives: formed by the Arctic climate

The outdoor life of the high North taught the Scandinavians everything about knives. Therefore, Scandinavian knives are really made for practice.

Hunters and fishermen, but also farmers and shepherds had their influence on the typical Scandinavian designs. When thinking of Scandinavian knife brands, Helle, Karesuando, EKA, Enzo, Hultafors and Mora come to mind.

Scandi-cut: ideal for woodworking

Many Scandinavian knives are sharpened in the same way: the Scandi-cut. With a Scandi-cut, the knife is sharpened from (about) half way through the blade height directly towards the cut. There is no secondary cut, just one razor-sharp zero-grind. In practice, this cut excels in woodworking. Feather sticking, fine wood carvings and bush crafting tasks: with a scandi-knife everything becomes much easier. An additional advantage is that a scandi-cut is pretty easy to sharpen. Both at home on whetstones as well as in the field on a pocket sharpening stone.

Naturally close to nature

Brands such as Karesuando and Helle show very clearly how close they are to nature. The beautiful handles of extraordinary wood types tell the story of the Arctic climate. From curly birch (birch rootwood) to classic oak or even cork: with a Scandinavian knife you literally have a piece of nature in your hands.